Find Boat, Camper Trailers, and Caravan Storage in Dandenong and Melbourne South East

Whether you have a boat, camper trailer, or caravan, you love the freedom it gives you when you get away from the humdrum daily grind. However, you always feel restricted when it comes to storing your prized possession on your property or in your driveway. At Bargain Storage, we offer affordable facilities to safely store your boat, camper trailer, or caravan.

Boat Storage in Dandenong

We understand how much you invest in your boat and the activities you enjoy on board, so when it comes to our storage facilities, we maintain tight security. You won’t need to worry about how your boat storage at our Dandenong business is going: we have twenty-four-hour surveillance for security purposes and for your peace of mind. We are a security-gated community, and all access is via personal pin-codes.

As a family-owned business for over forty years, we have experience in the storage industry and work effectively to keep operating costs low. The result? Low rates for storing your boat at our facilities, which means you can also afford to store your camper trailers in our Dandenong facility. What better way to reclaim space in your driveway?

Caravan Storage Made Easy

We know not everyone is a water-lover. If travelling the open road in your caravan is your idea of pure freedom, we would love to accommodate you. Let us provide you with caravan storage in Dandenong, ensuring when you are not taking to the road, your caravan is always safe and secure.

If you need caravan storage for Melbourne South East, we are a viable option for you. We provide you with bargain storage without ever sacrificing the security of your vehicle. Our access hours mean you can pick up your caravan in daylight hours as they change with the seasons. During summer, we open at 7 am so you can get on the road, or water, as soon as you can and enjoy every minute of sunshine. You also have the option of not returning until after dinner with our facilities closing at 7:30 pm. In winter, we are open 7:30 am until 5:30 pm.

No matter which vehicles you need to store, our individual brick storage units of various sizes are equipped with alarms and well-insulated to protect your possessions from the elements. Privacy is critical to our self-storage units: only you have the key, and you alone choose who you give access to.

Get Your Cheap Storage Quote

We are a trusted member of the Self-Storage Association Australasia, and we proudly offer excellent customer service. If you need a quote, we are happy to oblige: enter your details into our user-friendly message system on our get-a-quote page, and we will promptly reply.

If you want to discuss arrangements for your boat, camper trailer, or caravan storage, contact us now for further details. We can provide quotes and storage units for any other property you may want to store in our secure facility.