Handy Packing Tips

Tip 1

Store mirrors, sheets of glass and paintings on their side. Wrap in blankets or bubble wrap to assist in preventing breakages.


Tip 2

Stack heavier items on the bottom and fragile and lighter items on the top.


Tip 3

Use drop sheets to cover your furniture, this will assist in keeping dust off your treasured possessions.

Tip 4

Clean your fridge and store it empty. Make sure it is completely dry to help prevent mould and rust. Keep your fridge door open in storage to allow ventilation.


Tip 5

Clean and dry your washing machine thoroughly before storing. Check there is no water hidden in the bottom of your machine.


Tip 6

Remember, once your unit is packed, it is a good idea to visit your unit regularly; as you are the only one who has the keys to access your unit.


Please be aware the tips offered above are to be used as a guide only.