Are You Selling your House? Explore Storage Options and Compare Prices as an Affordable Way to Declutter Your Space

One of the big buzzwords in the real estate industry right now is ‘staging.’ Staging refers to the art of preparing your home so that it appeals to the highest number of potential buyers possible. This practice can involve everything from how the furniture is laid out to which decorations you leave on the wall. The goal is to present your home in such a way that potential buyers can envision themselves living there. One big step to the staging process, for most sellers, is decluttering—which in turn means exploring storage options.

Staging and Storage: Building a Strategy to Sell Your House

If you’ve already bought a house and started the process of moving out of your old residence, then you don’t need to worry about storage. You already have another place where you can start moving your furniture and belongings. You can vacate your old home completely, or leave the items that your real estate agent recommends for optimal staging.

If you are like most sellers though, you are waiting to buy a new home until you’ve sold your old one. Usually, that means storage options for belongings are limited. Certainly, any move should be accompanied by shedding things you don’t need anymore. Even after getting rid of unwanted stuff, though, you might still have more clutter than is optimal for smart staging. Searching for affordable storage is your next step.

Self storage is a terrific option for someone who is trying to sell their home. Instead of leaving your house a mess of packed boxes, you can get those boxes out of the way. Instead of leaving the living room crammed with too many furniture pieces, you can take out a few chairs to create the illusion of extra floor space. Instead of leaving all your clothes hanging in the closet, you can start moving that stuff out so that prospective buyers can better envision living in your house.

At Bargain Storage, we can do all the above and more. We provide competitive storage prices from our self storage complex located in Dandenong. If you need a quick way to declutter your home before your first open house or property showing, give us a call and make a plan to rent one of our storage units. Not only will you get cheap self storage, but you will also be able to stage your home more effectively and sell it quicker.

Learn More about Our Storage Prices Today

Perhaps your real estate agent has been bugging you about staging, maybe you haven’t been having any luck selling your house due to a clutter problem. Either way, if you need a temporary storage option, Bargain Storage can help. We are easily accessible from numerous Melbourne suburbs, including Dandenong, Hampton Park, Berwick, and Clayton. We’re also happy to give you a quote so that you can compare storage prices throughout the area. Contact us today to get started.