Do You Need a Secure Option for Outdoor Storage in Melbourne for a Car or Truck? Bargain Storage Has the Space You Need

Are you out of room for storing vehicles at your home? Perhaps you've taken on a long-term repair or refurbishment project, and your neighbours no longer want to see a non-functional vehicle taking up space. Maybe you're going on an extended holiday and need a safe place to store your vehicle in the meantime. Whatever the reason you face a need for secure car storage in Melbourne, you do not have to pay a high rate for a parking facility; instead, you can choose an outdoor option that offers a comparable level of security at a vastly reduced rate. At Bargain Storage, we have plenty of room available now for truck storage in Melbourne, too.

With a large, secure lot, we often accommodate shipping containers that should indicate the amount of space we have to work with for our clients. Whether you need to store something with us for only a few days or weeks, or you're on the lookout for storage over the long term, we adapt to meet your needs. Our outdoor storage is under constant video surveillance, and we take pride in ensuring each of our customers can place absolute trust in our security. With that said, what are some of the things you should consider before dropping your vehicle off for safekeeping with Bargain Storage?

Keeping your possessions secure with car storage in Melbourne

First, ensure that you remove all personal items and valuables from the vehicle. While our outdoor storage in Melbourne is under surveillance and secured from intruders, it’s a good idea not to leave anything of value in the vehicle. It’s better to take it with you prior to storage. You can always fill the vehicle back up with your personal items after the storage period.

Next, ensure that you have an adequate supply of petrol remaining in the fuel tank. Is a car that won't start, what you would want to experience when you finally return to collect the vehicle? Likewise, ensure that you've completed any other work that may be necessary before storage. This can help to make the transition back to the vehicle less stressful after your storage term ends.

Finally, if you intended to use our services for car storage in Melbourne for a longer term, consider purchasing a vehicle cover. These easy-to-use items can help to protect your car or truck from the elements, dust, birds, and more. Simply remove the cover when you return and enjoy the fact that it looks the same as when you left it in our care.

Find out about available space on our grounds today

With over four decades of experience in providing safe storage to our customers from around the city, we've developed a keen understanding of how to deliver a high-value service at a competitive, affordable price point. Explore all our storage options, or contact by phone on 03 9706 4400 or through our online contact form to find out about how and when you can leave your vehicle for storage.