Looking for Robust Self Storage Units in Melbourne? Bargain Storage Has Space for Everything from Furniture to a Shipping Container

We all need a little extra space from time to time. That's true whether you are a business owner with excess stock on hand or a homeowner looking for a place to store items on a temporary basis. When you simply don't have the room to store everything you have on hand, shifting your attention to look for reliable self storage in Melbourne is a smart move. What if you have something very large to store, such as a large shipping container full of product that you don't need to access immediately? At Bargain Storage, we provide solutions that are ideal for meeting your needs no matter the size requirements involved.

For something as simple as furniture storage in Melbourne, we offer individual units in brick-built structures; the interior climate remains reliably steady, and different sizes allow you to pay only for the space you need. For business owners who require a way to supplement their warehousing space, or for whom warehousing is not an option, our large premises is perfect for many types of outdoor storage, shipping containers included. Full video monitoring and a vigilant approach to security ensure your goods remain secure no matter the time of day or night. These are just the basics, though; what else sets our family-owned business apart from other options?

A storage solution that offers real peace of mind

Our premises offer a very convenient option for shipping container storage in Melbourne. Located minutes away from major motorways such as the Eastlink and the Monash FWY, transporting shipping containers from the port to Bargain Storage is very simple. For those who wish to store a container before shipment, this location also minimises transportation headaches. What about when you aren't thinking so big and you only have a need for sheltered storage units in Melbourne?

With year-round access during daylight hours, dropping off or picking up items from your unit is straightforward and stress-free. Bring your own lock, as you will be the only person with direct access to the contents of the space and enjoy the security that comes from our back-to-base monitored alarmed units. It’s very difficult for an intruder to breach a unit on our premises without someone knowing about it right away. At Bargain Storage, we may look to offer you the most competitive rates around, but we don't do it at the expense of the security of your personal possessions.

Explore your options for self storage in Melbourne today

How much space do you need to rent? If you aren't sure of the answer yet, our helpful calculator can help you determine which of our units would be the ideal fit. You'll find answers to other common questions we receive on our helpful FAQ page. For those who need to arrange a drop-off for a container, vehicle, or other large object, please be sure to contact us to discuss available options.