Short Term Storage Melbourne

Safe Short Term Storage Solutions in Melbourne

Are you in the middle of the process of preparing to sell your home? It's a big job, isn't it? There are so many things demanding your attention each day, and that's on top of the responsibilities you may already have, such as work. Whether you're working on your own or with a realtor, you will likely choose to join the legions of others who opt for an open house day. It’s your opportunity to attract prospective buyers and let them see what they could enjoy by purchasing your home. However, there's one important step you may know you still have to take: de-cluttering and depersonalising the home.

For buyers to fully be able to imagine themselves in your home, it's important to present them with a blank slate. Removing all your clutter and transforming the home into a "show ready" condition might sound difficult, but it doesn't have to be — especially when you have a safe place to store everything until you move into a new home. At Bargain Storage, our family-run business has offered secure storage to our Melbourne customers for more than 40 years. When you need a reliable place to put extra furniture, boxes, and more of your personal items from home, our options are just what you need.

Using short term storage in Melbourne when you're preparing to sell

Bargain Storage provides ground-floor units in a wide variety of sizes to fit diverse needs for storage solutions in Melbourne. If you're packing up an apartment, you can choose a smaller unit; however, we have plenty of space to accommodate larger de-cluttering efforts, too. Each unit features an all-brick construction, providing for excellent temperature regulation year-round. While selling your house often only requires that you find dependable short term storage in Melbourne, we can keep your items safe and in good condition for as long as you need.

Security is of the utmost importance to us, as is customer peace of mind. All the storagesheds at our Melbourne facility feature individual alarms equipped with "back to base" technology. If the alarm goes off, someone will know about it and move to respond in short order. All-day video surveillance provides an additional layer of protection. As you supply the lock for your unit, you are the sole holder of the key; Bargain Storage does not have access to your unit.

Find the unit ideal for your needs today

View all our unit sizes now or use our space calculator to help you determine which unit would work best for you. With a proven track record in providing safe storage in Melbourne at highly competitive prices, we look forward to the opportunity to safeguard your most cherished items. When your home sells and you transition into the next stage of your life, retrieving everything just as you left it is simple and easy. For further details, please contact Bargain Storage today.